General Information Baldwin Wallace University
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Baldwin Wallace University

Berea, OH

General Description:

Baldwin-Wallace College is a private, liberal arts based Methodist-related college offering bachelor's and master's degrees, certificates and professional education programs located in Berea, Ohio.  Our location, a residential community just 20 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio, facilitates our ability to provide liberal arts learning and practical career preparation.  In addition to our main campus, B-W East in Beachwood, Ohio, offers evening and Saturday classes for bachelor's and master's degrees in business, professional development and executive education.

When founded in 1845, Baldwin-Wallace was one of the first colleges in Ohio to admit students without regard to race or gender.  That spirit of inclusiveness has flourished and evolved into a personalized approach to education:   one that stresses individual growth as students learn to learn, respond to new ideas, adapt to new situations and prepare for the certainty of change.

B-W students take initiative, supported by many opportunities to succeed including mentors, access to local leaders, and a location that allows access to internships and field experiences for almost every interest.

After over a century and a half, B-W is still characterized by leadership and innovation.  The liberal arts remain at the center of the academic program, but they are augmented by opportunities to explore career options and develop professional skills.

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This school has Standardized Test Optional Admissions

  • 950-1200 
  • 480-590 
  • Test Not Considered
  • 470-610 
  • Test Not Considered

Test-Optional Admissions Details

First Year Undergraduate Admission Requirements:
The Baldwin Wallace community is made up of students with varied interests and diverse socioeconomic, geographic, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The Admission Committee carefully examines the academic achievement and aptitude of every candidate for admission to Baldwin Wallace University.  The goal of the Admission Committee is to admit students who can best benefit from and contribute to the academic program and life of the College.

While no minimum grade point average, class rank or standardized test score is specified, these measures must provide evidence of your readiness for future success at Baldwin Wallace University.  Balanced consideration is given to all aspects of your college preparation.  The freshman class profile provides rank and test score ranges for the most recent admitted class. 

Test Optional:
SAT I and ACT scores are optional for admission to BW.  If you choose to submit those scores, we will consider them when reviewing your application.  If you choose not to submit your SAT or ACT scores, you must indicate this on your BW application or on the supplemental form if using the Common Application.  Please note that home schooled applicants and international students must submit their SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission.

Your test results, while not used for admission purposes, will need to be submitted at the time of enrollment.  Results of the SAT and ACT are used for research and placement at BW.

We understand there is more to the admission process than your standardized test scores.  While some students feel their ACT or SAT scores reflect their past success and future potential, you may not.  Grades, strength of curriculum, and rank in class have always been the most important elements of our admission criteria.  The admission process and educational experience at BW is highly personal.  Allowing you to choose whether or not to submit your test scores is one way of demonstrating our commitment to a personal education.

More than 700 colleges and universities have adopted a test-optional process to date, including more than 25% of the top 110 national liberal arts colleges ranked by U.S. News & World Report.   For more information on the test-optional admission process please contact your Admission Counselor at 1-877-BW-APPLY, (440) 826-2222, or

Though not required, an on-campus interview with an admission counselor is highly recommended. A campus visit provides the applicant an opportunity to share personal insights with a member of the Admission Committee, as well as the opportunity to evaluate the programs and atmosphere of the College.
To make a qualified decision, the Admission Committee will review the following information for each applicant:
• Completed application for admission
• Quality of the high school curriculum/course work
• Grade point average/grade trends
• Results from the ACT/SAT or a graded writing sample in lieu of test results
• Extracurricular activities/honors
• Application Essay/Writing Sample
• High School Counselor recommendation
• Teacher Recommendation
• Optional interview with an admission counselor 
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