About Us

PlaybillEDU.com is a comprehensive searchable database of more than two thousand undergraduate theatre, dance and music programs at more than a thousand colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada.

Designed to help college-bound and potential transfer students find and compare programs that suit their individual career plans, PlaybillEDU.com allows young people interested in the performing arts to learn about a greater variety of education opportunities than can be found through traditional college search websites that lack the detailed information tailored to the specific needs of performing arts students.

Because we are aware that parents/guardians and guidance counselors themselves have a great role in helping students with their college search, PlaybillEDU.com is configured three different ways to help each of those groups locate and share their findings.

The database was compiled over the course of three years by the Playbill staff in direct communication with each school. Information is maintained and updated on a regular basis.

PlaybillEDU.com is created, maintained and wholly owned by Playbill, the performing arts information company founded in 1884. Known for its iconic programs for Broadway, Off-Broadway, concert venues and regional showcases, Playbill has also built a family of performing arts sites including Playbill.com, PlaybillStore, PlaybillClub, PlaybillArts, PlaybillVIP, Playbill Memory Bank and PlaybillVault. Playbill also owns broadcast, book publishing and travel divisions.